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Career & Volunteer Opportunities


We are always looking for professionals to help us engage the individuals we serve into the community. We have an immediate need for Job Coaches. This position is important to the community, the businesses and the individual by providing direct support to help the individual succeed in competitive employment. If you are interested in becoming a part of a professional team, please complete the application above.

You can email to [email protected] or stop by the office.


We are looking for opportunities to provide individuals with opportunities to increase social skills, soft skills as well as a strong quality work ethic. If you need a volunteer crew, please contact to [email protected]

If you are retired from a longtime skilled trade or hobby, L&M Products needs you! Woodworking, Crafts, Arts, etc. Make your own schedule!

To become a volunteer you must:

Be fifteen years old (unless accompanied by an adult)
Complete an application and orientation

To request more information about volunteering email Chris at [email protected] or call

(937) 456-7141 x213

We Want to Hear From You!

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