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Sinclair Schedule

In the community, is where the individuals we serve desire to be. That is why several years ago we began partnering with Sinclair Community College to provide a college-like experience for those enrolled in our programs. This is an opportunity to teach skills in an offsite location away from distractions in a professional environment. We have just recently completed our first unit on meaningful relationships: work, professional, friends, strangers and understanding our social network. As our program continues to move towards integration, we are too learning that we ALL have abilities. We all have wants and dreams and desire to do things, join social clubs and travel! We have a great local community and we anticipate more of these opportunities and are so excited about the Sinclair partnership. Evan, Executive Director at our local Branch recently shared how they love seeing our folks every day using this facility.


L&M Products seeks to expand resources for adults with disabilities in Preble County by offering a comprehensive array of services intended to promote independence, self-sufficiency and involvement in community life.


This is a James Stanfield program to teach skills about family life boundaries including abuse prevention, healthcare and building meaning relationships. Statistics show that 2 out of 3 students are unprepared for life after high school, and nearly half of high school students believe they lack the full spectrum of skills and abilities needed to reach success at work, with people, and in a community. A great program for everyone!


A classroom from 10 to 20 participants discussing sensitive issues on many social topics in a very comfortable encouraging environment.

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